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Our Vision

At Third Day Victory Church, we emphasize the importance of corporate worship with the conviction that worship is the key to releasing a greater measure of God’s presence in our midst.

“in whom you also are being built together
for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.”
Ephesians 2:22 (NKJV)

We believe our church is to be a dwelling place for the Spirit of God created through worship, as well as a community of believers where the love of God is practically expressed. Our desire is that you would experience the reality of the Lord’s presence with us.

Third Day Victory Church is to be a place where the Kingdom of God comes first.  We see the local church as a part of a much greater work that extends locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. It is our goal to work in cooperation with all other expressions of Christ’s kingdom to advance the gospel in the earth. We also have a vision that extends to our nation and beyond through media, conferences and prophetic ministry. 

We hope that you will find Third Day Victory Church to be a place of ministry for the entire family, changing the spiritual climate in your home, our region and our nation.

Our Purpose

It is our priority to train and release leaders within and without our congregation to serve the purpose of Christ’s kingdom. Third Day Victory Church intends to train leaders through biblical education and discipleship programs for all types of ministry.  Training in the use of media and the worship arts are included.

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